I’m an animation artist and director based in Toronto, Canada. Please visit my art blog Vitae Graphicus to see my other work!

I’ve been shooting photos for almost as long as I can remember. My very first camera was the Fisher-Price Pocket Camera, with the rotating flash cube (remember those?). It was styled after the 110 format cameras of the time. I’ve gone through many different styles of camera, mostly 35mm format – from an old Fujica rangefinder, to a Pentax K1000 and Nikon F80. More recently, I have shot with the Canon 5D Mark I and Nikon D700. I now shoot with the Fuji X-Pro1.

Photography has always remained a hobby, as my career in animation takes the driver’s seat. I always try to learn something new each time I pick up my camera and go out to shoot. Whether it is a lesson in composition, lighting or even a technical aspect of my camera, I feel I must keep moving forward.

I’ve started this blog to help me maintain a connection with my passion for photography on a more regular basis. My writing is simply based on my personal user experience of my gear – for the average Jane or Joe.

I hope you enjoy your visit here!